Online Enrichment Program - Fall 2022

Equip for 2040

Online Enrichment Program gives motivated learners the chance to explore a wide range of topics and with the support of Acme Pro instructor. Acme Pro worked hard to create courses that will engage kids and expand their academic experience. Kids will complete modules and activities at their own pace that inspire and challenge them. They will also have the opportunities to interact and meet with our instructors and fellow peers.

Acme Pro Art & Life Cover
Art & Life

Art is a natural activity to support the free play in children. The freedom to manipulate different materials in an organic and unstructured way allows for exploration and experimentation. Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.

Acme Pro Career Planning Cover
Career Planning

Kids will learn about different professions and it is a great opportunity for them to see and appreciate the many ways in which people work to earn a living and develop their skills, abilities, and talents. You will never know that they just may find something they want to be when they grow up. Kids will learn what they need to do to achieve their goal too!

Acme Pro Science, Engineering, Technology
Science, Engineering, Technology

What is a cloud? Why do boats float? How does a car work? You could hear 100 questions like this every day. Little learners have such a wide-open curiosity about the world and the program will develop the ability to think through complex problems, communicate human-needs, and persevere through failures.

Acme Pro Globalization & the World Cover
Globalization and the World

Although children are already part of the global economy, they often have little understanding of its influence without explicit instruction. They need to find their way in an increasingly uncertain world – a post-pandemic world of climate change, automation and rapid digitalization.


What is Online Enrichment Program?

We connect the literature, history, civics, science, math and art that kids need to know about and grapple with the world. The content of different themes will be unique everyday. You can choose the topics that are based on your kids’ interests. Certificate is awarded to kid who successfully complete the program. 

Online Enrichment Program Info

Activity Resource

To foster kids motivation, learning materials will be included with some activities and delivered to your home before the program. 

The program is based on real time face-to-face setting that ensure the learning quality.
*Participants need to prepare their stable network and devices. The Program will be delivered with Zoom.*

We provide private group booking for minimum six campers. Whatsapp us for more information.

Program fee:
$310 per class
$290 per class (enroll for 4+ classes)
$250 per class (enroll for 12+ classes)

Enroll before 26 July, 2022 to enjoy early bird discount, contact us to know more!