Little World 小世界大冒險


Campers will experience adventurous challenges, new activities and learn new skills that may have never encountered before. Throughout the activities they will enhance personal and social development with focuses on fostering positive growth mindsets.。

By visiting different islands, they will understand and connect with both nature and the local community, and through that help develop a sense of self and belonging within the community. The activities offer our campers an alternative view to challenges in life, and how to negotiate them with curiosity.

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 4

Camp Date:
4 June (Saturday)
18 July (Monday)
5 August (Friday)

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 4

Camp Date:
2 July (Saturday)
27 July (Wednesday)
13 August (Saturday)

Assembly & Dismissal: Tung Chung Station

Camp Date:
4 August (Thursday)
31 August (Wednesday)

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 5

Camp Date:
25 June (Saturday)
13 July (Wednesday)
29 August (Monday)

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 6

Camp Date:
28 May (Saturday)
15 July (Friday)
30 August (Tuesday)

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 3

Camp Date:
29 July (Friday)
9 July (Saturday)
12 August (Friday)

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 6

Camp Date:
11 June (staurday)
25 July (Monday)
11 August (Thursday)

Activity Time

Assembly Time: 0900
Dismissal Time: 1630
* Assembly and dismissal time will be varied subject to ferry schedule, sea traffic and sea conditions

Camp Fee

$850/Per Day
(Early Bird and Happy Together are available. Contact us for more information.)


5 - 7 years old

The camp fee includes:

– Supervision from trained staff members
– Meal
– Activity materials
– Certificate
– Snack
– 3rd party insurance

* Exclude ferry fee

Finish the enrollment process on or before 31 May to enjoy Early Bird discount.

Whatsapp us to have more details about Happy Together discount.

Our camp will use both English and Chinese. Campers are motivated to speak their language at camp in order to get the best camping experience.

Campers will have the hands-on experience with money which is essential to preparing them for financial success. Please prepare the octopus card with enough remaining value to cover the ferry fee.

We provide private group booking for minimum eight campers. Please note that at some locations and camps are based on current availability.

Whatsapp us for more information.

Campers are required to conduct COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (RATs) before camp registration to reduce infection risks at camp. Camp counselors will also conduct RATs daily.

Enroll now to enjoy Early Bird and Happy Together discount!