Summer Program 2023

Summer Camp
For Ages 4-13

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3 Days Island Hopping Camp (3D2N)

【Ages 8-12】

“3 Days Island Hopping Camp” is a travel experience designed specifically for children, allowing them to delve into the mysteries of the outlying islands of Hong Kong, experience the beauty of nature, and challenge their physical limits. During the camp, kids can climb mountains, traverse forests, swim, and snorkel together, as well as learn how to find their way through map reading activities. 

3 Days Overnight Adventure Camp (3D2N)

【Ages 7-12】

Toss aside those phones and gaming systems and make way for time in Overnight Adventure Camp! Through residential summer camp programs, kids and teens have the opportunity to explore nature, become a community, develop confidence, gain independence and develop some important leadership skills! 

Summer Theme Day Camp (Science/Space/Sea)

【Ages 5-7/8-10/11-13】

Looking for a fun and educational way to spend your summer? Look no further than our Summer Theme Day Camps! Choose from three exciting themes: Science, Space, or Sea, and join us for a week of exploration, learning, and adventure. Our counselors will guide campers through hands-on activities and experiments, games, crafts, and more, all centered around the chosen theme. 

2 Days Away Home Camp (2D1N)

【Ages 6-8 】

The camp will take place during this summer, spanning two days and one night, with the aim of allowing participants to spend meaningful and fulfilling time at camp.We will engage in various traditional camping activities, such as a campfire party and roasting marshmallows. Additionally, in the atmosphere of summer, we will also hold a series of activities to help kids enjoy the time at camp.

Kiddo Rover (Ocean/Jungle)
冒險家初探日營 (海洋/森林)

【Ages 4-5】

For preschool children attending day camp, entering a new environment can be scary. To make them feel comfortable and at ease, our newly designed day camp activities are themed around land and sea nature, filled with warm-up games, creative arts, story telling, themed activities, and competitions, all related to the chosen theme, and each kid is sure to enjoy.

Tour de Island

【Ages 8-10】​

Tour de Island Day Camp is a form of escape. Escape from routine homework, escape from daily life, escape from daily surrounding. At camp we break our daily cycle and enter into a different zone. The travel planning is more exciting that the travel itself. Campers will design their own unique travel routes. Let’s brave our fears and live life to the fullest!

Rail Voyager

【Ages 5-9】

The best way to get around a city in the world is via its metro/subway system. The extensive network of routes that will help us zip around the city. Campers will experience and learn the basic skills of MTR map reading, ticketing, route finding… … Most of the attractions are just a short walk away from an MTR station, allowing our campers to indulge in the lush greenery and beautiful architecture of our city.

Little World

【Ages 5-7】​

Rich cultures, sprawling beaches and untouched pockets of wilderness are just a few alluring characteristics of our island tour. There is nothing more magical and adventurous for young campers than boarding a ferry and sailing the sea to explore the islands. Our outlying islands are blessed with stunning landscapes and oftentimes feel like an authentic slice of paradise.

Kids Vs Wild
小小野人 (升級版)​

【Ages 5-7/8-10/11-13】​

Discover the skills you would need to survive in the outdoors! Kids Vs Wild offer adventure and education for campers who are interested in learning about wilderness survival. Some of the essentials of survival skills that campers will learn include water supply conservation, fire making, food preparation and many other essential bush survival skills.

Ironkids Sports Camp

【Ages 5-7/8-10】​

Campers will experience different sports including dodgebee, orienteering and yoga. IronKids Sport Camp is character-driven, and campers develop all of their skills, from passing, dodging, and to teamwork and sportsmanship. Just as important, they learn firsthand the benefits of being healthy and active and that virtual games just can’t compare to the real thing.