3 days Overnight Adventure Camp 暑假冒險宿營


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in space? What about Mars, Venus or Mercury? At overnight camp, campers will learn more about the physical sensation of living on other worlds: What would the gravity be like; how long would the day be on Venus; what’s the weather on Mars?

Little Traveler

At camp, campers will learn about different cultures, picking up new skills (like map-reading and languages), making new food and meeting new friends. It could help to improve their confidence, develop their creative thinking and social skills.

Little Scientist

Not all classrooms have four walls. We encourage our campers to head outside to convert campsite into an outdoor science lab. From leaf chromatography to a microorganism-filled compost pile, these activities will help the science enthusiasts to explore the world outside.

Campsite: Tai Tam Campsite

Assembly & Dismissal: Kowloon Tong Station

Camp Date:
16 – 18 August (Little Traveler)
25 – 27 August (Little Scientist)

Campsite: Ming Fai Camp (Cheung Chau)

Assembly & Dismissal: Central Pier No. 5

Camp Date:
19 – 21 August 

Activity Time

Assembly Time: 0900 (1st Day)
Dismissal Time: 1630 (3rd Day)
* Assembly and dismissal time will be varied subject to traffic condition and ferry schedule

Camp Fee

$3850/Per Camp
(Happy Together discount is available. Contact us for more information.)


7 - 11 years old

The camp fee includes:

– Supervision from trained staff members
– Meals
– Activity materials
– Transportation
– Accommodation
– Certificate
– Snack
– 3rd party insurance

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Our camp will use both English and Chinese. Campers are motivated to speak their language at camp in order to get the best camping experience.

The assembly and dismissal time will be different according to the traffic, coach arrangement and ferry schedule.

We provide private group booking for minimum eight campers. Please note that at some locations and camps are based on current availability.

Whatsapp us for more information.

Campers are required to conduct COVID-19 rapid antigen tests (RATs) before camp registration and every morning to reduce infection risks at camp. Camp counselors will also conduct RATs daily.

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