You don’t have tent? We got that for you!

No one will buy a tent if you just want a taste of camping. Acme Pro provides you a solution to camp without buying all the gears you will not use again.

What stop people from camping?

Our team used to thinking Hong Kong people don’t have time for leisure activities. After working in the leisure industry for years. We found that what truly hold people’s leg is the cost.

As we all know, Hong Kong people is very smart in terms of cost efficiency. We see people hike a lot but never go camping. They all love nature and leisure. What hiking cost is just a pair of legs. However, when compare to what camping needs, even they want to try, they have no idea how and where to start. That’s why people give up on camping.

That’s why we are here!

In order to promote the culture of camping. We decided to provide an excellent camping experience to people around us. There is a common misunderstanding that camping is equal to dirty, hard, hot (or cold) and poor food. We believe by giving our participants a correct idea of camping, no one can deny that camping isn’t fun.

Today’s highlight: Tent

This property belongs to Acme Pro Ltd.

We provide 4-person tent. The key features are waterproof and big living space (height: 190cm). If you worry about how to build and pack the tent, don’t worry. Our enthusiastic staff will help you with it.

Here is a look of the tent:

$70 early bird discount

Fall program enrollment will start on 1st August, 2016.
Enroll before 15th August, 2016 to enjoy HK$70 discount on each camp.
Come join us!

Puppy go camping

Have you ever travelled with your puppies? Here is the opportunity for you to go on a short trip with your love! ACME PRO provides round trip transportation with delicious food and fascinating camping experience for you and your puppies!