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Acme means the peak of perfection and includes the elements of our activities: Adventure, Mountaineering, Camping and Education

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Acme Pro Online Enrichment Program Cover
Online Enrichment Program

We understand that kids need to catch up the rapidly changing world, which is why we offer the Online Enrichment Program!

Summer Camp 2022

Designed for kids aged 6-11 , Summer vacation camp are finally launched!

Outdoor Challenge Camp Tent set up
Overnight Camp

Designed for kids aged 6-11, a large variety of outdoor activities include tent setting, outdoor cooking, hiking... ...

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We provide corporate training, event management service, volunteer training for schools, NGOs and government... ...

About us

Being exposed to fun and unexpected wilderness experiences, we inspire to discover the unlimited potential of our lives so that we can have a deeper understanding of our own unique abilities… …


Our vision is to explore the endless possibilities of our lives and be empowered by it. Through experiential learning, develop lifelong outdoor and leadership skills as you dive into our camp program. Build courage and competence with our Crew. Campers will draw on existing strengths and uncover areas of growth, and walk away with the skills to succeed—together.