About Us

“Acme means the peak of perfection and includes the elements of our activities: Adventure, Mountaineering, Camping and Education.”

Our Philosophy

AcmePro Logov1Vision:

To explore the endless possibilities of our lives and be empowered by it.

Being exposed to fun and unexpected wilderness experiences, we inspire to discover the unlimited potential of our lives so that we can have a deeper understanding of our own unique abilities. The outcome is to live a life that best suits ourselves and be responsible for the decisions we make in life.

Our Crew

Acme Pro Consultant
Acme Pro Consultant

Chief Program Consultant
Andrew Sponagle

  • Over 25 years in camping and outdoor education industry
  • Wilderness trip leader in north America and Asia
  • Worked with variety of schools, agencies, NGOs and organizations

Camp Staff

  • Possessed Valid Basic/Wilderness First Aid certification
  • Passed background record check and reference check
  • Personal interview and reference checks
  • Received comprehensive staff training
  • Responsible young adult
  • Creative and able to have lots of fun
  • Rich experience in leading outdoor camp and guiding kids