Cooking Jon Series

Cooking Jon | Caramel Popcorn

Nobody wants instant noodles for hiking. Introducing cooking Caramel Popcorn in the wild.

Serving: 1
Corn: 60g
Butter: 4 pieces(7g each)
Sugar: 30g

Cooking Jon | Green Tea Milk Spread

Not all the cooking requires fire. This time Cooking Jon introduces you the Green Tea Milk Spread. It is a very good sauce for most of the dry food.

Condensed milk: 45g
Green tea powder: 6g

Cooking Jon | English Breakfast

Introducing cooking English Breakfast in the wild. With only a cook set, even English Breakfast is possible in the wild.

Serving: 1
Beans in tomato sauce: 1 Can
Portobello mushroom: 2
Butter: 2
Beef broth: 200ml
Black pepper: Depends
Cornstarch solution: Depends
Bacon: 2
Sausage: 2
Tomato: 1
Egg: 2
Mike: 15ml
Bread: 1