KIDS VS WILD 小小野人(升級版)​

5 Basic Needs to Survive

The 5 survival skills every kid will learn under guidance include building shelter, starting a fire, procuring food and drinkable water, foundational first-aid, and signaling for help.

Facing Challenges

Facing challenges can build important emotional strengths. These qualities last a lifetime and help kids cope with tough situations.

Wilderness Knowlege

Wilderness survival skills provide an outdoors-based challenge for the developing minds and skills of our kids. Many of these skills can be useful in everyday situations and are just fun to learn!

Outdoor Cookery

There’s nothing like cooking a meal over an open fire. The rich sounds and smells of food being prepared outdoors are comforting, nostalgic, and a feast for the senses.

Venue: Tai Tong Holiday Camp

Assembly & Dismissal: Kowloon Tong Station Exit D

Camp Date:
23 – 24 December 
30 – 31 December
17 – 18 February

Venue: Tai Tong Holiday Camp

Assembly & Dismissal: Kowloon Tong Station Exit D

Camp Date:
1-2 July
15-16 July
20-21 July
22-23 July
28-29 July

3-4 August
10-11 August
17-18 August

Activity Time

Assembly Time: 0900
Dismissal Time: 1630

Camp Fee

$2050/ 2 Days
(Early Bird and Happy Together are available. Contact us for more information.)


5 - 7 years old (Super Junior)
8 -10 years old (Junior)

The camp fee includes:

– Supervision from trained staff members
– Meal
– Activity materials
– Certificate
– Transportation
– 3rd party insurance

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Our camp will use both English and Chinese. Campers are motivated to speak their language at camp in order to get the best camping experience.

Dismissal time will be varied subject to road traffic and conditions.

We provide private group booking for minimum sixteen campers. Please note that some locations and camps are based on current availability.

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