March summer online camp

special March Summer 2022

We understand that plans can change, which is why we offer the March Summer Online Camp. The camp is packed full of fun learning topics, experiments, problem solving and creativity activities.

Natural Disaster

Campers will learn different natural hazards with a wide range of perspectives, for example maps, patterns, safety, characteristics...

Earth Defender

Monitor our planet vital signs, such as sea level, carbon dioxide concentration and endangered species. Let's have an eco-friendly lifestyle with us.


Have you ever wondered how it would be like to live in a different part of the world? What would the weather be like? What kinds of animals and plants would you see? Come and investigate together!

Little Scientist

When we’re curious, amazing things happen! The camp ignites the interests of campers and helps them make relevant, lasting connections between science, the world and their everyday lives.

Little Traveller

Campers will travel with us across Eurasia and Europe. They may learn something new: a new language, cuisine, culture... ...


What is March Summer Online Camp

The content of different topics every day from Monday to Friday will never be repeated. Parents can choose relevant topics according to children’s interest in learning, and complete the whole set of thematic courses, and obtain certificates as rewards. 

Online Camp Info

Activity Resource

Learning materials will be included with some activities, contact us to know more!

*Campers need to prepare their stable network and devices. Online camps will be delivered with Zoom.*