Rail Voyager

City Orienteering

City orienteering will take our campers to wonderful locations with challenging courses for different categories. The routes are designed to allow campers to combine orienteering in an urban environment with sightseeing routes and local gastronomy.

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Railway Trip

In 1979, MTR started the first passenger service covering nine stations. The camp begins above ground with the fascinating history of our railway system. Then head underground to explore different local places by going through different stations.

Local History and Culture

Hong Kong is not really a place with a long list of must-see sights, but instead, we go with a list of experiences we need to have. Walking around the city with our counselors is the best way to get to know Hong Kong. We’ll see the best corners of the city while learning more about the history and culture.

Assembly & Dismissal:
Admiralty Station (Tsuen Wan Line, Island Line)
Kowloon Tong Station (Kwun Tong Line)

Camp Date:
27 June (Tuesday) | Kwun Tong Line
29 June (Thursday) | Island Line  

4 July (Tuesday) | Tsuen Wan Line 
14 July (Friday) | Island Line

23 August (Wednesday) | Tsuen Wan Line 
24 August (Thursday) | Island Line 
29 August (Tuesday) | Kwun Tong Line 

Assembly & Dismissal:
Admiralty Station

Camp Date:
2 October (Monday) | Island Line
19 October (Thursday) | Island Line
26 October (Thursday) | Island Line
28 October (Saturday) | Tsuen Wan Line

Activity Time

Assembly Time: 0900
Dismissal Time: 1630

Camp Fee

$1050/ Day
(Early Bird and Happy Together are available. Contact us for more information.)


5 - 9 years old

The camp fee includes:

– Supervision from trained staff members
– Meal
– Activity materials
– Certificate
– Transportation
– 3rd party insurance

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Our camp will use both English and Chinese. Campers are motivated to speak their language at camp in order to get the best camping experience.

Dismissal time will be varied subject to traffic and MTR schedule.

We provide private group booking for minimum twelve campers. Please note that some locations and camps are based on current availability.

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