Tour de Island 離島旅行家

Travel Planner

Kids will get creative by drawing ideal travel scenes and let them choose their destinations. This process ensures that the destination is one the kids will enjoy, helps them look forward to the trip, and makes them more invested in the whole travel experience.

Compass and currency

Teaching compass skills to kids is a great way to cultivate their abstract reasoning and ability to visualize when problem solving. Acme Dollar will be used to explain what money is and how it is used. Actually, showing them to develop healthy money habits and attitudes


Throughout the orienteering session at camp, kids will have a chance to learn through experiences. They learn at their own pace and understand the island's history during the learning process.

Date & Island:

3 Oct (Tuesday) | Cheung Chau
8 Oct (Sunday) | Peng Chau
17 Oct (Tuesday) | Cheung Chau
21 Oct (Saturday) | Peng Chau
25 Oct (Wednesday) | Cheung Chau
29 Oct (Sunday) | Peng Chau

Date & Island:

12 Nov (Sunday) | Mui Wo

Central Pier (No. 5 to 6)


Activity Time

Assembly Time: 0900
Dismissal Time: 1630
* Assembly and dismissal time will be varied subject to ferry schedule, sea traffic and sea conditions

Camp Fee

$970/ Day
(Early Bird and Happy Together are available. Contact us for more information.)


8 - 10 years old

The camp fee includes:

– Supervision from trained staff members
– Meal
– Activity materials
– Certificate
– Snack
– 3rd party insurance

* Exclude ferry fee

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Our camp will use both English and Chinese. Campers are motivated to speak their language at camp in order to get the best camping experience.

Campers will have the hands-on experience with money which is essential to preparing them for financial success. Please prepare the octopus card with enough remaining value to cover the ferry fee.

We provide private group booking for minimum twelve campers. Please note that some locations and camps are based on current availability.

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