Christmas & Lunar New Year Program 23/24

Christmas & Lunar New Year Camp
For Ages 4-12

Ages 4-5

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3 Days Christmas Island Hopping Camp (3D2N)

【Ages 8-13】

The “3 Days Christmas Island Hopping Camp” offers a tailor-made travel adventure exclusively designed for children. It provides them with an opportunity to explore the enchanting outlying islands of Hong Kong, immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, and push their physical boundaries. Throughout the camp, kids will engage in activities such as mountain climbing, forest trekking, snorkeling, and develop essential map reading skills to navigate their surroundings.

3 Days Overnight Adventure Camp (3D2N)

【Ages 7-12】

Toss aside those phones and gaming systems and make way for time in Overnight Adventure Camp! Through residential Christmas camp programs, kids and teens have the opportunity to explore nature, become a community, develop confidence, gain independence and develop some important leadership skills! 

2 Days Hello Santa! Away Home Camp (2D1N)

【Ages 6-8 】

Set amidst the Christmas season, the camp is scheduled for a duration of two days and one night, providing participants with an enriching and gratifying experience. The primary objective is to enable campers to make the most of their time by engaging in meaningful activities. Embracing the festive spirit of Christmas, traditional camping traditions such as a merry campfire gathering and the delightful practice of roasting marshmallows will be cherished. Furthermore, a diverse range of activities will be organized, fostering a vibrant Christmas atmosphere and ensuring that children thoroughly enjoy their camp experience.

Ultra-Ironkids Challenge Camp

【Ages 5-7/8-10】​

At IronKids Sport Camp, campers will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports such as dodgebee and Mölkky. This camp places a strong emphasis on character development, as campers work on honing their passing, dodging, and teamwork skills, while also cultivating sportsmanship. Equally significant, they gain a firsthand understanding of the advantages that come with leading a healthy and active lifestyle, recognizing that virtual games simply cannot replicate the real-life experience.

Kid Explorer

【Ages 4-5】

Entering a new environment can be scary for preschool campers. Our camp fills up with warm up games, creative art, festival adventure, theme activities and amazing race that every kid will love. In the afternoon, we also have Picture book session that enhances campers’ reading motivation. Come and join us now!

Island Excursion - Tour de Island

【Ages 8-10】​

Tour de Island Day Camp is a form of escape. Escape from routine homework, escape from daily life, escape from daily surrounding. At camp we break our daily cycle and enter into a different zone. The travel planning is more exciting that the travel itself. Campers will design their own unique travel routes. Let’s brave our fears and live life to the fullest!

City Voyager

【Ages 5-9】

The most efficient way to navigate a city worldwide is by utilizing its comprehensive metro/subway system. The expansive network of routes facilitates seamless exploration of the city, enabling campers to develop fundamental skills in reading MTR maps, purchasing tickets, and identifying optimal routes. Moreover, numerous attractions are conveniently located within a short walking distance from an MTR station, granting campers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the city’s picturesque greenery and stunning architectural wonders.

Island Excursion - Little World

【Ages 5-7】​

Rich cultures, sprawling beaches and untouched pockets of wilderness are just a few alluring characteristics of our island tour. There is nothing more magical and adventurous for young campers than boarding a ferry and sailing the sea to explore the islands. Our outlying islands are blessed with stunning landscapes and oftentimes feel like an authentic slice of paradise.

Kids Vs Wild
小小野人 (升級版)​

【Ages 5-7/8-10】

Discover the skills you would need to survive in the outdoors! Kids Vs Wild offer adventure and education for campers who are interested in learning about wilderness survival. Some of the essentials of survival skills that campers will learn include water supply conservation, fire making, food preparation and many other essential bush survival skills.