Fall Program 2023

Fall Program
For Ages 4-12

New Program

Back to Basics

It's time to strengthen the foundation!

Nature Defender


We have prepared an exciting activity for children to learn, explore, and protect the natural environment through a coastal adventure. They will learn about intertidal life and enjoy the fun of hiking and swimming. Let’s embark on this unforgettable coastal exploration together!

Tour de Island

【Ages 8-10】​

Tour de Island Day Camp is a form of escape. Escape from routine homework, escape from daily life, escape from daily surrounding. At camp we break our daily cycle and enter into a different zone. The travel planning is more exciting that the travel itself. Campers will design their own unique travel routes. Let’s brave our fears and live life to the fullest!

Rail Voyager

【Ages 5-9】

The best way to get around a city in the world is via its metro/subway system. The extensive network of routes that will help us zip around the city. Campers will experience and learn the basic skills of MTR map reading, ticketing, route finding… … Most of the attractions are just a short walk away from an MTR station, allowing our campers to indulge in the lush greenery and beautiful architecture of our city.

Little World

【Ages 5-7】​

Rich cultures, sprawling beaches and untouched pockets of wilderness are just a few alluring characteristics of our island tour. There is nothing more magical and adventurous for young campers than boarding a ferry and sailing the sea to explore the islands. Our outlying islands are blessed with stunning landscapes and oftentimes feel like an authentic slice of paradise.